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X The Movie

1999.After having been gone for six years, Kamui returns to Tokyo to protect his friends Fuma and Kotori. His return, however, also announces the start of the final battle between the Dragons of the Earth, who want to destroy mankind to return Earth to its original state, and the Dragons of Heaven who want to protect humanity from extinction. Upon his return, both parties try to pursuade Kamui to join them but whatever he chooses, his best friend Fuma is destined to join the other party as he’s Kamui’s opposite. While the battle between both sides grows fierce, Kamui starts to understand that he’s destined to fight against his best friend to the death…

Sound and Vision:
I’ve checked out this dvd right after Ghost in the Shell 2 and the difference in drawings is enormous. Forget about 3D environments, this is still plain oldfashioned Manga. Not that that’s bad of course πŸ™‚ There’s no problems with the image quality itself, A-Film has done a nice job there.

The sound is available in 2.0 and 5.1 Dolby Digital but lacks a bit detail and direction. More precision would certainly not have hurt.


X The Movie has a typical “end of the world”-scenario with Japan (and more specifically Tokyo) being the center of the universe. Quite funny but luckily it doesn’t harm the movie itself. The storyline is pretty standard manga stuff with a young boy who comes back and suddenly sees himself having to save the world and mankind from extinction. Still, the way it’s worked out is done pretty well and for a 10 year old manga it’s still quite enjoyable. Lovers of the genre will probably not want to keep this laying around collecting dust in the store πŸ™‚

Our Score:

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