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XIII Software about Hooligans over Europe

How did you come up with the idea of developing a game based around hooliganism ?

Playing the numerous RTS games out there we got fed up by playing the same setting and scenario over and over. Either fighting trolls and ogres collecting Mana or saving Earth from yet another evil alien race with your space marines.
We were looking for a different thing that would make our heads turn in a game, we came up with Hooligans. We wanted it to take place in the present and not going into the war thing again we thought this would be the thing.

In single player mode, you’ve got 12-15 levels that you need to complete. What can we expect from these levels ?

You play these levels in order to become the most notorious group of Hooligans in Europe. Level by level you progress towards that illustrious title.

The game is about football hooligans, but do the football teams matter in the game ? Are there special features that each team’s hooligans have ?

A. It has nothing to do with football, the game, besides it setting the scenario for our game.
B.The hooligans themselves have special features, but unless you are referring to their football teams, they support; No.

While you don’t use existing football teams, the multiplayer part is based around international tournaments. Are those tournaments non-existing as well ?

The tournament we are setting up for the multiplayer will have no similarity at present with any existing tournament. We are, as we speak, designing those levels to our specifications and desires.

Is there a possibility for internet play ? And if so, how will that work ? Will anyone be able to set up a server of will the game use a main server like f.i. ?

The internet playability will be possible. But at present we do not want to reveal too much about that feature. In any case we are looking at a multiplayer setup for 4 players over the internet.

There seems to be a lot of violence in the game. Can players thrash anything they want, or only things that are necessary to complete the mission ?

If all goes well, they will be able to trash everything. That is where a lot of the fun is at!

You are using a lot of humour with this game (“The only thing to fear is running out of beer”) what can we expect from the humour IN the game itself ? Can you give some examples ?

Yes, we like to use a lot of fun in the game, but I don’t feel I should give to much away. These jokes need to stay fresh. Suffice to say, we will not stray far from our tongue in cheek approach.

Who will be the publisher of Hooligans ? Will you publish it yourselves ?

At present I can not give out those details. We are negotiating. No, we will not publish it ourselves.

Any idea of a release date ?

Looking at May 2001, at the E3.

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