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Yes Men, The

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno are the faces of “The Yes Men”, a group of anti globalist activists who have sett up which looks like the World Trade Organisation’s site but in fact does nothing but criticise the organisation. Through their site they often get questions about the viewpoints of the WTO on certain things, and some instances even ask them to appear at congresses as speakers for the WTO, thinking they’re the real deal. They’ve decided to play along and in this documentary we get to follow them during three of their actions.

First up, they go to Finland to the “Textiles of the future” convention in 2001 where they show the “manager’s leasure suit”. Secondly, they head off to New York where they go to the State University and shock the students by telling them how the shortage on food in third world countries can be solved by recycling, and last up is the disbanding of the WTO which they present to journalists and business people in Australia.

Sound and Vision:
This is a documentary shot with handycams and such so it’s clear that you don’t get perfect image and sound quality. There are no compression errors but the amount of detail lacks often while also the image regularly is a bit on the soft side.

We get a 5.1 track, but that’s hardly necessary seeing that the whole documentary is dialogue.


The Yes Men is a great documentary that makes you wonder how much top managers, scientists and politicians are still in touch with the real world. First of all, it doesn’t take much to see isn’t the official WTO site, but still a lot of people think so and contact Andy and Mike in order to get “official statements” from the WTO. Secondly, the ideas and statements they do are completely outrageous but the people they talk to take all they say as real without even questioning them. In fact, they even get applauded! The fact that even the press goes along with all this makes one wonder how intelligent journalists in certain countries are…. Anyhow, this documentary is certainly worth renting!

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