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Yes Minister – Season 3

Jim Hacker (Paul Eddington) is Minister of the Department of Administrative Affairs and the administration keeps working against him. Each time he plans to do something, his co-workers find ways to make sure his changed don’t have any effect. Especially secretary sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne) and his personal assistant Bernard (Derek Fowlds) do a great job in keeping the minister from doing anything.

In season three, the Minister plans to engage more women in higher places which “in principle” everyone agrees with, he finds out that a new business deal has been done with bribe money, he stumbles on a contract which makes the government loose millions of pounds due to the fault of his secretary, and he has to give a reprimand to the best ran county in the whole Kingdom because they don’t send in their papers properly.

Sound and Vision:
This series is from 1982 and one can see that with the color which are a tad too pale but for the rest we cant really complain. Things are pretty decent for such an old TV-series.

The dialogues are very understandable and that’s what counts in this series so the mono soundtrack is sufficient.

None except for some info on the actors.

Yes, Minister was a great series back in the days and season three is definitely worth checking out. It shows every cliché you can ever imagine about administration of the government and if you can’t laugh with this, there’s something wrong with you. Definitely worth checking out despite the fact that there are no decent extras

Our Score:

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