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Young Guns 2

After the Lincon County wars, Billy the Kid and his regulators have split up and have gone each their way. Billy has joined up with Arkansas Dave Rudabough and Pat Garrett and together they steal cattle for a living when he gets a message from the governor who wants to talk with him about a possible pardon. Billy gets arrested instead of getting a pardon but manages to escape together with Chavez and Doc who were being held prisoner aswell. With the whole bunch together again, they ride off to old Mexico to retire, but that’s without counting on the governor who hires no-one else than Billy’s friend Pat Garrett to bring him in, dead or alive.

Sound and Vision:
Nice grainless image with bright colors and no compression error. That’s how we like it and that’s how we get it from Warner with this good transfer of Young Guns 2 to DVD. The dvd isn’t perfect though, with some minor dirt on the film, but is still pretty good and enjoyable.

The 5.1 track doesn’t really show itself with only a couple of times that the rear speakers are being used, mostly for bullets that fly around. Some more could have been done with the potential.

original trailer

It’s rare when a movie’s sequel is better than the original but Young Guns 2 succeeds where lots of others don’t. Good acting, nice action combined with humour and a good transfer is all we need and the only downpoint we can hold against Warner is the fact that in this time and age, a trailer isn’t considered as an “extra’ anymore

Our Score:

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