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Young Sherlock Holmes

John Watson (Alan Cox) is going to a new school in the center of London where he meets the fellow student Sherlock Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) who likes nothing more than to solve mysteries and make links between different things that happen. When a couple of strange murders happen, Sherlock starts to investigate and gives his findings to police commissioner Lestrade (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) who doesn’t really believe something is happening. Together with Watson and Elizabeth (Sophie Ward), the only girl in school, Sherlock is determined to find out what’s really happening and during his search, he stumbles upon an ancient cult that doesn’t have any good deeds in mind…

Sound and Vision:
The image is reasonably sharp and the contrast aswell as shadow detail are good. The colors are a bit on the dark side and this tends to bring over a rather depressing atmosphere. Compression errors are down to a minimum and so is grain. Only a couple of scenes have some minor problems.

This movie is rather old already but the Spielberg touch is clearly present in the soundtrack which constantly has subtle use of the rear channels but brings them to more action when necessary. The dialogues are pretty understandable and also the subwoofer gets its piece of the action although not too often sadly enough.


Sometimes it’s nice to see older movies again and Young Sherlock Holmes may not be up to current standards anymore, it does have stuff going for it; the idea of a younger sherlock and the Indiana Jones-like setup of certain scenes do work pretty good and help make it an entertaining movie. Technically things are pretty good so if you’re looking for a nice Sunday afternoon movie, Young Sherlock Holmes might just be the thing for you. Only too bad that there aren’t any extras present on the disk

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