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Zaak Alzheimer, De

Vincke (De Bouw) and Verstuyft (De Smedt) are two cops in Antwerp who’ve just finished a case where a little girls was prostituted by her father. They both hope things start to calm down a bit and Vincke hopes to have some extra time to find out more about the customers of the girl. However, when a high official disappears, both detectives are ordered to investigate the matter and when people start getting killed, it’s clear that there’s more to it than just a “normal” disappearance. All trails lead towards Angelo Ledda (Decleir), a hitman who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and who’s job it was to kill the little girl. When he refused and the girl got murdered anyway, he went on a crusade to find and kill everyone who’s linked to the death of the girl. It’s up to Vincke and Verstuyft to find the next man on the list before Ledda does and to make sure that those that are responsible for the little girl’s death don’t get away with it…

Sound and Vision:
The colors are filtered to make things look cold and darker and additionally, the director also added some grain to make things even harder. However, the image quality is pretty good with good contrast and lots of detail. Level of black and shadow depth are also top notch and print damage is absent. The minor compression errors that are present don’t even spoil the viewing fun.

The soundtrack is very vibrant and lively, not to say aggressive. Lots of detail and special effects with good use of surround and subwoofer channels while the dialogues remain clear at all time and are positioned where the should be at the center speaker. Top notch

Before entering the menu you get some trailers of other Flemish series which can be quite irritating. Trailers included are : Zaman, Flikken, Windkracht 10 en Aspe. Director Erik Van Looy starts off the real extra’s with an audio commentary track together with Koen De Bouw. “De Zaak Alzheimer: Behind the Scenes” is the usual feature where you get to see how certain scenes get shot but interviews aren’t present. Next up is a photo gallery accompanied by the title song. Then you can check out a diary which are text screens that give info on how a movie is made and how this movie came to be. Character profiles are also present and the next feature (A Night to Remember) shows us the world premiere of the movie during the movie festival of Gent. Last up are the official trailer and other promo trailers of other Flemish movies Het Gezin Van Paemel, Kapitein Zeppos, Johan & De Alverman, Dinotopia en De Zusjes Kriegel.

De Zaak Alzheimer is based on a book by detective writer Jef Geeraerts and it shows that the makers can start off with a good storyline. The acting is also terrific with again a fantastic Jan Decleir but also Koen De Bouw and Werner De Smedt along with the rest of Belgium’s finest actors are acting at their best. I would recommend this movie to anyone. Definitely a Must-Have!

Our Score:

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