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Zodiac tells the story of the real Zodiac killer who was on a killing spree in the late 20th century in San Francisco, and how his actions started to affect the lives of the cops who were chasing him as well as the journalists of the San Francisco Chronicle that were reporting on him.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a couple of mild compression errors as well as some aliasing but you’ll really have to pay attention for it to bother you. Overall the image is what you would expect from a recent release so there’s little to complain about.

The sound is very aligned with the time period of the movie and nicely adds to the atmosphere. There are little special effects to surround channels are subtly used for music and some environment sounds. Well done though.

Only a couple of interviews with cast & crew as well as a trailer

Zodiac is directed by David Fincher who we also know from Alien 3 and Se7en but don’t expect a flashy movie with lots of car chases and action. Instead we follow meticulously the investigation and the lives of those after the killer and as such the movie does a terrific job. Whether you’ll like the movie is another story though. It will be very depending on your personal perferences on whether or not you’ll have fun watching as the tension is subtle and it’s more about that impact of the killer than the killer himself and as such can be boring for some.

Our Score:

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