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Zombie Strippers

It’s the near future and George W. Bush has been elected for the fourth time with Arnold Schwarzenegger as his Vice President. The USA is at war with plenty of other countries and due to the increasing losses of soldiers a secret program has been set up to create super-soldiers that are raised from the dead. However, something goes wrong and in the little town of Sartre, Nebraska, an illegal strip club gets infected, turning their best stripper (Jenna Jameson) into a super stripper zombie with an appetite for flesh.

While the other strippers are wondering whether or not to be turned over, club owner Ian can only think about the amount of money the zombies are bringing in and decides to not inform the government but instead just let them be while their victims are locked up.

Sound and Vision:
Despite this being a low budget horror flic, the image quality is actually pretty decent with good amount of detailed boobies and crystal clear sounding growls.

Audio commentary track by Jay Lee, Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund and Joey Medina followed by deleted scenes a behind the scenes feature as well as a short feature on the makeup.

Zombie Strippers is a hommage to the classic zombie slashfests from the 70s and 80s with the bad acting, ridiculous plot twists, gruesome violence and lots of sex. Just as you want it! Jay Lee has done an excellent job here, showing just what the fans want and the fact that famous porn star Jenna Jameson is one of the leading cast only increases the feeling of “camp”. If you’re looking for a modern classic in this genre, Zombie Strippers is no doubt what you want to get!

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